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We offer revision courses & workshops for Cambridge, 
NCEA & IB Pathways

Dedicated to helping secondary students achieve their goals.

Gaze Foundation is a not-for-profit, youth-for-youth organization promoting equality of opportunity in the New Zealand education system, by indiscriminately providing access to quality support for all students tackling external exams.

We provide secondary students with the tools for academic success, by connecting them to tutors who have excelled in those very same exams, headed by a passionate Executive team.

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Enhancing Neuroplasticity education in New Zealand.

Neuroplasticity & cognitive tasking of the brain evidences students are able to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions.

By identifying, intervening and strengthening the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning, students are able to capitalize on their increased learning capacities and can function without special education assistance. Students can enter mainstream teaching, never to return to Learning Support again.

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Mentors who understand your learning style.
Learn the skills you need to ace your exams.
We'll help fill the gaps & boost your options for life after school.
Delivering neuroplasticity & equitable education in New Zealand

Premium Partners

Nationwide Funders have sponsored our drive for equitable education. This funding has been so important to the founder, as she herself grew up in a low decile area, with education being the only way to exit. With their support, hundreds of thousands of NZ students have altered their academic outcome.
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