NZ Global Alumni.

Gaze invited Walmart CEO, Greg Foran, back home to New Zealand in November 2018.  

Partnering with the Business Chamber, 120+ top CEOs attended this private audience, 1.8m viewed the TVNZ documentary. Greg is a home-grown Kiwi, attending Hillcrest High, Hamilton and pumping well above weight in the global arena, heading the largest retail company in the world.

Gaze is very aware New Zealand’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) participation is one of the lowest in the OECD, only 9% of NZ companies support CSR or impact investments. We believe this is greatly due to the lack of resources for due diligence and resource-poor to govern funding. Many corporate companies definitely have the appetite to support great work in NZ, but lack trust and resources. The consequence is the lack of funding for the fantastic work done nationally, especially by Sir Richard Faull and his Centre for Brain Research at Auckland University. Sir Richard spends much of his time fundraising, away from his skill base in the global development of Huntington’s Disease and Alzheimer’s. Greg was contacted and immediately agreed to fly to NZ to support Sir Richard, the private-audience presentation by Sir Richard Faull and Sir Ray Avery presenting their ground-breaking work and Greg Foran presenting keynote.

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