Learning Support – Programmes.

Gaze sourced and funded the Feuerstein programme to NZ.

Teaching-how-teach, learning-how-to-learn. This programme has a special emphasis on our 140,000 Learning Supported children nationwide.  Anne instigated, funded $500,000+ and trained 1400 teachers nationwide.

Gaze no longer has the funds to continue subsidising the training. Standard 1 Training is scheduled in 2019, delivered by Independent Schools Victoria – Genia Janover is the trainer (feedback is very high). Learn more.

Continued Professional Development (CPD):
CPD is optional – only required if you need to order printing materials through FIE. If you would like peer collaboration to help you and support your delivery of the programme, please contact us.

We have surplus material (instruments), free to anyone needing resources.

Gaze sourced and funded the Arrowsmith programme into schools in NZ – partnering with the Friedlander Foundation to deliver into our low decile schools. This programme replaces the school curriculum with full-day ‘cognitive lessons’ but has no research, is for-profit and costs $17,000+pa per child – this lack of educational equity was the motivation for Anne to search the globe for a cognitive intervention that did have science-based research, was scalable and affordable to all our children. In the absence of any found internationally, Anne initiated our own NZ programme and funded the Centre for Brain Research’s cognitive programme.

Read more about Feuerstein.

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