Cost Analysis on Learning Supported Students.

KPMG Cost Analysis - benefitting our 140,000 nationwide learning-supported students.  

In 2018, 11,500+ year-one students nationwide were assessed as ‘Learning Impaired’, requiring learning support within their schools. Initiated and funded by Gaze, KPMG analysed and tabled the costs to schools/government over the 13 years these children are potentially in the education system. The cost of a learning supported child is 1.91 of normative (Cognition, 2009). “Over the course of 13 years, this cost equates to half a billion dollars, but if we deliver a significant cognitive programme at years 1 and 2 and place these children to mainstream classes, never to need learning support again, this cost dilutes to just $38m. This analysis is necessary to present to those who do not ‘get’ the cost of our learning supported children – not just the emotional cost – the raw, financial cost. And this cost and accountability extend past Education to Ministries of Corrections, Disabilities, Health, Education and the Commissioner for Children – the right of every child to an equitable education.” 

If you would like a copy of the KPMG analysis, please contact us.

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