Tactile Training

Tactile – for ADHD and sight impaired children

Currently, NZ has 15 trained Tactile practitioners, but only two deliver.   This one Tactile training was philanthropically funded by Gaze, but unsustainable and not able to be repeated.

There are a number of unused Tactile material packages available if you would like to train in Tactile and mitigate the high resource cost – just email anne.gaze@gaze.co.nz

  • Training is 5 days
  • Trainees must have completed Basic 1
  • US$2000 resource costs
  • This added resource charge of US$2,000 pp is for specific materials = these materials are used in the delivery of the Tactile programme to children

Historical break-even costs (excluding variable costs), 15:1 ratio for 5-days is NZ $48,450 = $3,230 plus GST pp:

$10,000Training fee
$5,000Trainer flights
$1,750Trainer accommodation @ 250 pn, 7 nights
$30,000Resources @ $2000 pp per week-course
$700Trainer $100 per day for food, transport, incidental printing
$1,000Room hire, mailchimp, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, web hosting etc.
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