Tactile Training

Tactile – for ADHD and sight impaired children

Currently, NZ has 15 trained Tactile practitioners, this one training was philanthropically funded.  If FIE allow the standard US150pp, as opposed to the $10,000 per class they have charged, this cost to trainees could be reduced.

  • Training is 5 days
  • Trainees must have completed Basic 1
  • US$2000 resource costs
  • This added resource charge of $2,000 pp is for specific materials = these materials are used in delivery of Tactile to children

Historical break-even costs (excluding variable costs), 15:1 ratio for 5-days is NZ $48,450 = $3,230 plus GST pp:

$10,000Training fee
$5,000Trainer flights
$1,750Trainer accommodation @ 250 pn, 7 nights
$30,000Resources @ $2000 pp per week-course
$700Trainer $100 pd for food, transport, incidental printing
$1,000Room hire, mailchimp, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, web hosting etc.
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