Feuerstein Training in New Zealand

The charity has ceased to fund Feuerstein trainings in NZ, due to significant lack in integrity displayed by FIE at the January 2017 trainings – trainees paid Israel the $250 each for course materials, were only given 20% of the materials and many trainees remain un-certificated.

The Trustees, Sir Pat Lynch, Lady Sheila Graham and the charity’s Capability Partners Deloitte (auditors), Bentleys (accountants) and Greenwood Roche (lawyers) instructed the charity to cease all pro bono work and funding of Feuerstein and their commercial arm – FIE.

Future Trainings:

A  Feuerstein training was delivered in Otago mid-2019, delivered by a Melbourne trainer, through Independent Schools Victoria.  Melbourne’s Feuerstein trainers delivered the charity’s January 2017 training with excellent feedback by trainees.  If you are wanting to secure a Melbourne trainer to deliver a training in NZ, email Melbourne direct with request – they in turn will direct you to Israel, but they will remain in the loop.

Trainee feedback and reviews have Melbourne as our recommendation – they continue to deliver trainings lead by excellent facilitators:

Independent Schools Victoria – Feuerstein Training Centre


Email: – we have surplus material from schools and trainees no longer delivering the programme and we welcome the opportunity to forward this free material to you.

Quick Snapshot of Journey:

50+ trainings were delivered pro bono over four years – at a substantial loss. Israel charged a $10,000 commission fee per class, which was unsustainable when also billed to the charity were trainer airfares, accommodation, printing, website, mailchimp, courier costs, certification costs, food, classroom hire/cleaning etc.  Repeated requests to be charged the same $150 pp other countries were invoiced were rejected by Israel.  Most trainees could only afford the $250 pp course material-cost.  Most of the 50+ classes – which we ensured were full with 25-30 attendees – had just 6-7 fully paying trainees.  The shortfall in funding – more than $800,000 over the years – was donated by David Gaze.  This was for the explicit benefit of children in NZ, especially our Learning Supported which number over 140,000.

The losses could not continue, nor the 70+ voluntary hours per week Anne Gaze donated championing the Feuerstein cause.



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