Delivering the paradigm shift in educational inequity.

Cognitive intervention, peer to peer support.

The Issue
Where a child is born is one of the most significant factors in determining his/her educational prospects. One in five students leave without NCEA Level 2 (a basic indicator of achievement) and children from low-income households are half as likely to achieve University Entrance as those from high income households…The result is thousands of young New Zealanders confined to a life of unrealised potential.

140,000 students enter NZ school grounds every day, hoping that this is the day the ‘light turns on’ – that they ‘get’ what the teacher is teaching, that they finally can engage in education. These students are wired differently, potentially brighter than the class dux, but cannot realise their potential. Delivering evidence-based, cognitive intervention is the way forward – to have education embrace neuroplasticity, the ability for neurons to regenerate, cells to reconnect.

Our Belief
Beyond failure lies an abundance of strength they never dared to dream about. They cannot reach these sources of success and strength because they don’t have the tools to overcome the obstacles. We hand them the tools.

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