Airways is a State-owned Enterprise (SOE), a fully-owned subsidiary of the NZ Government operating as a commercial business. Our staff of 750 deliver the following services to both NZ and the international community:

  • Control all air movements within NZ’s 30 million sq km’s of controlled airspace (over 1 million movements annually)
  • Develop, install and maintain critical infrastructure and flight path systems through out New Zealand
  • Manage air traffic control towers and radar centres (Airways maintains NZ’s 2 radar centres, 7 international airports, 15 regional airports and 3 military bases)
  • Provide technical and engineering services to NZ airports
  • Design airspace requirements
  • Develop maps and charts of airspace requirements for use by pilots and navigators
  • Train air traffic controllers for both the domestic and international market
  • Provide flight inspection services for airports throughout Australasia and the South Pacific.
  • Operate consultancy services throughout Asia, Pacific and the Middle East
  • Collaborate in international forums on aviation environmental and sustainability initiatives

We operate under rules set down by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of NZ, which are developed using International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) guidelines.

Governance is provided by a Government-appointed Board of Directors (8 members), who in turn report to our two shareholding Ministers: the Minister of Finance and the Minister for SOEs.

Follow this link to access all our key documents and media releases.
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