Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Method (FIEM) Standard at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Method (FIEM) Standard at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School

This programme commenced in Term 1 of 2016.

It started with 17 students (low to average ability) selected by the school as requiring learning support. Pre-test using various instruments was given in February and Post-test in July 2016. The information below is a brief on FIEM’s outcome:

  • 3 students showed significant progress on the Raven Standard. With the exception of 3 students who dipped lower (were not focused) all the others showed progress.
  • Teacher observation schedule suggested all students had some progress.
  • Student reflection overall suggested that they found the FIE programme challenging and some had fun.
  • My own reflection was that 70% of the students were well engaged in all the FIE sessions and found it interesting.
  • Students personal report card: All students suggested moderate progress. Two students had significant progress.
  • Getting Ready for High School: Self-Efficacy Assessment: All students showed moderate progress. 4 students had significant progress.

After discussions with the school, 8 students from the above class were selected to progress with FIEM, to complete all the level one instruments and implement level two of the Standard FIE Programme.

This group have completed Term Three and are now in Term 4 enjoying the programme. Post-tests will be conducted in December 2016.

4 students have completed level one and have started level 2 of the Standard FIEM programme.

Based on student’s reflections it is apparent that seven of the students’ are enjoying the programme and look forward to the class. One student with possible ADHD requires close attention and guidance to attempt and complete tasks.

I am enjoying teaching/working with this class as they continue to challenge and show much enthusiasm and motivation doing this programme. Teaching has become more individual (students’ work at their own pace). Familiarity with vocabulary continues at random and as relevant. Relevant projects (cognitive functions) and thinking activities are given to reinforce and bridge FIEM instruments.

Discussions with senior management/class teacher is ongoing on FIEM progress.

Parents discussion /meeting planned in the middle of Nov. 2016.

Feuerstein Learning Propensity Assessment Devices (LPAD)

As a certified LPAD assessor I have completed 8 LPAD reports this year and have presented it at individual casework parent conferences.

Schools have been appreciative and find the assessment very detailed and dynamic. From these assessments schools were able to make learning differentiation in the respective classes and refer students to specific specialists for intervention. Home and school partnership are much stronger and systematic.

Students find the LPAD assessment / intervention enjoyable. Students’ strengths and abilities are recognised and reinforced. Teachers have a clear understanding of student’s cognitive potential and challenges.

Sandiyao Sebestian
Cluster 8

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