Struggling with how to put your best foot forward? Guaranteed we have too. We are here to help with advice relating to CVs, interviews, apprenticeships - so you can achieve your post-school aspirations sooner rather than later, get your foot in the door, land some experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a CV?
A “Curriculum Vitae” is a self-assessment document that summaries your skills, values, interests, personality traits and other necessary background information. The purpose is to have everything you have discovered from self-assessment on one page as a future reference tool.

What does ‘hidden job market’ mean?
The hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren’t posted online or advertised in any other way. Employers might not post jobs for a number of reasons – for example, they might be trying to save money on advertising, or they might prefer getting candidates through employee referrals.

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