Our Capability Advisors and Trustees including our auditors – Deloitte, Sir Pat Lynch and Lady Sheila Graham, our accountants – Bentleys, our lawyers – Greenwood Roche instructed the charity to cease the funding and support Feuerstein and their commercial arm FIE due to the withholding of certificates for the 2017 classes.

Certification is governed by FIE in Israel.  At the completion of each training, the trainer sends to Israel the list of attendees who have completed the course and Israel issues the certificates.

January 2017 trainings:

FIE printed only 20% of the required course material, an unexpected and significant departure from the previous 50+ trainings delivered in NZ since 2014.   All trainees had paid the $250.00 plus GST for the training material, the expectation being to receive the full complement of course material.

Trainers – Josie Singer, Sharon Berenholtz, Diane Bourke, Nikki Maguire, Valerie Lovegreen and Anne Gaze – convened on the Tuesday of the trainings and agreed to instruct the authorized FIE printers to print the missing resources, time being of the essence.  This extra printing cost was invoiced by FIE’s printer at wholesale rate to Gaze and personally paid for by Gaze.

FIE insisted on payment of this printing order at the retail rate, withholding the issuing of certificates until this payment was made to Israel.

This was very disappointing.  We challenged this.

We did not have response to (1) why only 20% was printed (2) how trainees were to deliver without this crucial teaching material, and (3) the justification of the full $250 material payment but non delivery of the required course material (Standard trainees, before extra printing was ordered, received just one of the five Teacher Manuals for their $250 plus GST payment).

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