About Beca

Beca is one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancies in the Asia Pacific. In 1918, Beca was established in New Zealand with only three employees. Today, Beca has a substantial Asia Pacific footprint approaching 3,000 employees in 17 offices across the world.

Markets and Services

Beca delivers a variety of consultancy services across the Buildings, Government, Industrial, Power, Transport and Water market segments. We operate from three main “hubs” – Australia, New Zealand and Asia – offering everything from engineering, architecture and planning services, to project and cost management, software technology and valuation services.

Beca consults to infrastructure providers including NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Airport, Melbourne Airport and Melbourne Water. In Australia, China and New Zealand, Beca has been assisting major manufacturers of food and beverage products, building breweries and food processing plants for over 20 years. Beca has been working with power and industrial clients in NZ on energy generation and transmission, delivering alternative energy sources such as wind farms, hydro dams and transmission stations.

Having helped deliver a number of prominent buildings such as the Sky Tower in Auckland and Macau Tower in China, Beca Buildings is now working on large-scale projects that contribute to the development and use of Environmentally Sustainable Designs. An example of this is Singapore’s Zero Energy Building, which aims to generate as much energy from renewable sources as it uses, leading to net zero energy consumption. As well as landmark projects, Beca has an established track record in education, hospitals and correction facilities.

Beca consults on systems engineering, business solutions, IT project management and software services, and has developed a number of software and simulation products. This capability has earned Beca commissions across a number of markets including transportation, ports, defence and water
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