Audit on Global Cognitive Programmes.

Gaze initiated the Audit on all for-profit educational programmes sold in New Zealand.

Circa $176m pa is paid by 2,500+ NZ schools to programmes with little efficacy or scientific evidence.  We identified the need for this audit to benefit all schools and parents – the global ‘cognitive industry’ is a $5b+ pa industry growing exponentially each year, $176m pa is funded by NZ schools and families alone.  This global industry is completely unregulated and many false claims of research cannot easily be challenged as peer-reviews and published works are often only accessible to those at research universities.  If published works available, an academic ‘eye’ is needed as these documents are not easily understood by those, not in the scientific arena.  Schools and fragile parents are handing over huge amounts of money annually, hoping that one of these programmes is the ‘cure’.  Many programmes were proven to be without scientific research and now transparent through this audit.

Learn more about our Cognitive Programme Audits.

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