NZ and Australian Fees

FIE Training Costs

FIE recently dropped the $10k per class commission for NZ trainings and now charge just US$150 per trainee; courses can be delivered now at circa $750 (with potential $500 pp to trainer, less costs).

Melbourne’s trainee charge is circa A$900 and their trainings are recommended – trainee feedback is excellent and Melbourne delivered to over 130 NZ teachers with great reviews.

Independent Schools Victoria – Feuerstein Training Centre

When budgeting to have a Melbourne trainer deliver a training in NZ, take into consideration the following:

US$150 pp commission is paid to Israel; NZ$250 pp course material cost; $2000-2500 trainer fee paid to the trainer; potential accommodation of trainer is an added cost, food costs, venue costs etc (detailed below).

Ensured one of the following is available:

  • kitchenette facilities or
  • on-site cafe availability or
  • cafe van to the site

Historic training costs (25:1):

$10,000Class fee/commission – paid to FIE (exchange-rate determined, has been as high as $14k and as low as $9,400)
$5,000Trainer air-travel (could be as high as $6k, as low as $4k)
$1,750Trainer accommodation at $250 per night, 7 nights
$5,250Resources at $250 per person plus GST (this delivered all Teacher Manuals for each ‘instrument’ taught +-5 per course)
$700Trainer food and incidentals ($100 per day/night)
$0Donated room hire, mailchimp, website, postage, incidental printing, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, cleaning etc. (classroom charges were at the discretion of the school and were determined on a case-by-case basis)
$22,700= 20.6 persons paying $1100 (GST excluded, excluding all variable costs)

The following costs are current and should be considered:

US$150FIE pp fee charged by Israel
$1,200Return air travel (from Australia)
$250Trainer accommodation per night
$250Resources at $250 plus GST pp (e.g. 5x teacher manuals)
$100Per day cost of trainer food and incidentals (taxi etc)
$100Usual cost of school room hire pd
$2,500Trainer fee
US$150Cost of certificates pp
$30Courier certificates – individually packaged and posted to each attendee’s personal address (Israel send over one bundle)
$150Fee from Israel to courier certificates to NZ


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