FIE Training Costs

FIE Training Costs

All 5-day trainings have been at $1100 plus GST= $1,265 – includes the $250 pp for all Teacher Manuals/resource materials needed for trainings.

We are dedicated to keeping the cost of the training at the lowest possible bar. Elsewhere, the same trainings have been as high as circa $4,500+, but lack of overheads due to our huge voluntary hours – no salaries, no leased premises etc – these courses were available at the least possible cost.

We have ensured one of the following is available:

  • kitchenette facilities or
  • on-site cafe availability or
  • cafe van to the site

We need your Kiwi attitude! So bring your water bottle, thermos and lunch!

Current training costs (25:1):

$10,000Course fee – paid to fie (exchange-rate determined, has been as high as $14k and as low as $9,400)
$5,000Trainer air-travel (can be as high as $6k, as low as $4k)
$1,750Trainer accommodation at $250 per night, 7 nights
$5,250Resources at $250 per person plus GST (this delivers all Teacher Manuals for each ‘instrument’ taught +-5 per course)
$700Trainer food and incidentals ($100 per day/night)
$0Donated room hire, mailchimp, website, postage, incidental printing, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, cleaning etc.(Classroom charges are at the discretion of the school and are determined on a case-by-case basis)
$22,700= 20.6 persons paying $1100 (GST excluded, excluding all variable costs)

To deliver a training on a 25:1 basis that covers fixed and variable costs (excluding hours of voluntary work involved) historically evidence is $31,345 per training – a $4000 deficit each course, even if we had 25 fully paying trainees.

We delivered a Domestic Trainer in July 2016 – had 17 paid-up-in-full and FIE changed their commission structure as a one-off gesture. We were still exposed to:

$5,400FIE annual fee (US$4000)
$0Air travel
$0Trainer accomodation
$4,250Resources at $250 plus GST per person
$0Trainer food and incidentals
$0Room hire
$2,500Trainer fee
$2,627pp fee – US$110 charger per trainee to Israel
$3,430Certificates at US$150 pp
$18,207= 16.55 persons paying $1100 (GST excluded, just to break-even on fixed costs, variables, voluntary hours etc excluded)

Whichever way we juggle, without the significant philanthropic funds donated by David Gaze, we cannot meet the fixed costs, nor pay all variable expenses, including huge unpaid hours championing the programme, occupation costs (volunteers run from home studies), website, couriers/postage, mailchimp, payment pathway costs, courier costs and labour costs to individually send out each certificate etc.

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