Royal New Zealand Air Force

Royal New Zealand Air Force

Today’s Air Force is a modern and dynamic part of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF). We’re small but we’re well equipped. Our primary roles are to provide surveillance, strategic airlift, tactical airlift and Naval combat support.

RNZAF personnel have the opportunity to experience the world in a way few other people can. No matter what role they are in, it’s a unique profession and one that can offer a range of exciting and challenging careers from pilots, engineers, and logisticians, to communications, security, aircrew and other skilled trades.

We work closely with other military organisations here and overseas to advance New Zealand’s defence and security interests.

Find out more about our Mission, Ranks of the RNZAF, our Leaders, Squadrons, the RNZAF Band, the Air Force Museum and the history of the RNZAF in the Who We Are section.

The Air Force operates a number of different aircraft types used for both training and operations. Find out more information on our aircraft in the What We Do section and our Operations and Exercises in our Operations section.

We are based all over New Zealand and the main five can be found in the Where We Are section.

There are a lot of ways you can link in to what we’re up to. From liking us on Facebook, to checking out images of the RNZAF on flickr – even subscribing to Air Force News online. Find out where to get the latest News and information on the RNZAF in our News and Contact us pages.
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