New Zealand Institute of Architects

New Zealand Institute of Architects

The New Zealand Institute of Architects is a professional body representing more than ninety percent of all registered architects in New Zealand. In addition to supporting our members with a range of services, we are committed to promoting and celebrating outstanding architecture in New Zealand, and to creating greater awareness of the values and benefits that architecture brings to our built environments today and for generations to come.

The annual awards programme organised by the Institute (supported by Resene Paints) is visible proof of our commitment to raising the profile of architecture and architects’ services in New Zealand. Awards are made at a ‘Local’ and ‘New Zealand’ levels and provide recognition for a wide variety of building types.

Continuing Professional Development is mandatory for all Architect and NZIA Practice members of the Institute. Subjects for continuing education include design, practice, and other issues relevant to the concerns of clients and the wider community. Further information about Continuing Professional Development is available from the Institute’s office. The Institute also provides support to members through papers on topical practice issues, political advocacy, links with architectural education bodies, conferences, and regular newsletters. The Institute’s e-newsletter Cross Section provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and raise issues of concern and interest. It also acts as an important communication vehicle for the NZIA Council. Architecture New Zealand, is published by AGM every two months.

First established in 1905, the Institute was later reformed under the Architects Act 1963 which split its previous functions in two.
The New Zealand Institute of Architects became the professional organisation for Architects, and the regulatory functions transferred to the Architects Education and Registration Board (AERB), now the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB). The Institute has since elected to become an incorporated society (like many other building industry professional organisations), giving it the flexibility to identify and expand its range of activities and membership base.

The objects of the Institute include:

  • To promote excellence in architecture, the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge relating to architecture, ethical conduct in the practice of architecture and the interests of the profession of architecture in New Zealand and overseas.
  • To advance the study and practice of architecture.
  • To improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in, or about to engage in the practice of architecture.
  • To hold and promote competitions and to give prizes, certificates and other awards to promote excellence in architecture.
  • To bring before government authorities, public and other bodies any matters affecting architecture and architects.
  • To amalgamate, or combine, or confer, or act temporarily or otherwise in conjunction with any other professional body or bodies, institutes or institutions having objects similar to those of the Institute.

The NZIA has around 3000 members. Approximately fifty per cent of these are registered architects working in New Zealand. New Zealand architects working overseas, architectural graduates who are not yet registered, architecture students, teachers of architecture and retired architects make up the balance of our members.

  • professional development programmes,
  • key documents such as the NZIA Conditions of Contract and Agreement for Architects Services,
  • updates on new building legislation and codes, quality management programme,
  • internationally recognised environmental policy

One of the Institute’s membership categories is specific to practices which must accept and comply with the following five rules:

  • NZIA Practices will strive to ensure that they are competent to deal effectively with duties undertaken and maintain and extend their competence.
  • NZIA Practices will have architecture as their core business or a core component of it and a Principal will be an NZIA member.
  • All Architect Principals of NZIA Practices will be NZIA members and all architectural work will be the responsibility of an NZIA Architect.
  • NZIA Practices will undertake continuing education and training.
  • NZIA Practices will accept peer review in the event of a complaint.

The NZIA is supported by Resene Paints, Graphisoft New Zealand and Architectural Profiles Limited. Support is also sought for particular events and conferences, particularly those with Continuing Professional Development accreditation.

The public are invited to contact the Institute at any time to discuss any areas of interest or concern to them about architecture or Architects.
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