Our Founders

Anne and David Gaze are unrelenting campaigners for the rights of every child.

Anne Gaze

Woman of the Year in Education 2016-17
New Zealander of the Year Nominee 2018

It is Anne’s belift that every child needs access to resources necessary to pivot their lives, to access the tools to execute change and the safe passage through to early adulthood. A former teacher, national netball and track representative, Anne has four sons in secondary and tertiary education.

With her exam revision workshops, thousands of students annually receive academic support to pivot their grades. Anne identified youth-on-youth aggressive intervention as the lifeline for all students under stress and the answer to our nation’s growing chasm of education inequality, by harnessing our greatest educational resource – undergraduates – and marrying them with students in secondary schools.

With the Centre for Brain Research’s MovinCog programme, the audit of all global ‘cognitive’ companies and the introduction of Feuerstein into NZ, Anne is driving the paradigm change. One woman, one great passion for the right of every child to an empowered education.

“Anne is the Pheidippides you want in your life. Take her number and put it on speed dial. If ever you find yourself behind bars in Mexico with only one call allowed, do not phone your solicitor, or your parents. Phone Anne. She’ll get you out. This woman is phenomenal, always delivers.” 
– John Cameron, UK

David Gaze

Owner of Gaze Commercial

David is passionate about delivering a level playing field in education to all children, removing the barriers to success. David Gaze consistently funds the multiple Gaze Foundation and Campus Link projects delivering pivotal outcomes for our more vulnerable children – without this financial support, all projects would never have seen sunlight.

David Gaze is a former national cycling champion and owner of Gaze Commercial, the NZ leading property company. David’s passions extend from extracting land-mines in Europe in JV with The United Nations, to delivering workers’ accommodation for Christchurch.

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