Our Founders

Anne and David Gaze are unrelenting campaigners for the rights of every child.

Anne Gaze

Woman of the Year in Education 2016-17
Regional New Zealander of the Year 2018

It is Anne’s belief that every child needs access to resources necessary to pivot their lives, to access the tools to execute change and the safe passage through to early adulthood. A former teacher, national netball and track representative, Anne has four sons in secondary and tertiary education.

Her work is endless – she sees a need and moves immediately on it, delivering the solution; her history of intervention is vast, including :

(a) bringing multiple orphans from Europe    back to NZ when borders were closing
(b) supporting Grandparent of children with dead HIV parents in the Skeleton Coast
(c) supporting SOS Children’s Villages in Morocco to removing land mines in South East Europe – Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania.

In 2010 she directed her drive to NZ’s education. Sir John Graham (late), “Anne delivers the most pivotal intervention in education I have ever witnessed, she is game changing.”

Founded Movin’ Cog  Programme
Anne initiated, established and funds the Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland’s cognitive programme – circa 800,000 children to benefit. Anne funded Dr David Moreau, ex-Princeton University to head and develop a significant, cognitive intervention programme for our high-spectrum-need students (ADD, dyslexia etc). Working under the guidance of Eminent Prof. (Sir) Richard Faull, this programme will be delivered nationwide, free to all NZ 800,000 school children, currently partnering with 40+ schools, 1,000+ students in research.  Children are fMRI scanned before, during and exiting cognitive tasks that alter neurons and regenerate cells, increasing IQ.

This Centre for Brain Research’s programme permanently increases cognitive functions of all children and a global first with published works and peer reviews; to be available to all schools nationwide free-of-charge, is a direct Gaze response, of ‘we can do it ourselves’ to counter those making significant profits on the back of our most vulnerable children, schools and families. Anne has founded NZ’s own – heavily researched and at no cost. Anne is delivering Science and Medicine to Education : www.MovinCog.com

Founded Audit on ‘Brain’ Programmes
Anne initiated and funds the global Audit on all for-profit educational programmes sold in New Zealand – circa $176m pa is paid by 2,500 NZ schools to programmes with little, if any, efficacy. Anne identified the need for this audit for the benefit of all schools and parents. “The global ‘cognitive industry’ is a $5b+ pa industry growing exponentially each year; this global industry is completely unregulated and many false claims of research cannot be challenged as peer-reviews and published works are often only accessible to those attached to research universities. If these published works do get sighted, an academic ‘eye’ is needed as these documents are not easily understood by those not in the scientific arena. Schools and fragile parents were handing over huge amounts of money annually to the many programmes proven to be without research or peer reviews.  Through this audit, they are now exposed.”  www.cogaudits.org

Delivering NZ Global Alumni
Anne personally initiated and delivered Walmart CEO, Greg Foran, to New Zealand, November 2018 – 120+ top CEOs attended this private audience, 1.8m viewed the TVNZ documentary. Greg is a home-grown Kiwi, pumping well above weight in the global arena, heading the largest retail company in the world; attended Hillcrest High in Hamilton and is relatively unknown to the NZ corporate arena. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/sunday

Anne is very aware that New Zealand’s Corporate Social Responsibility participation is one of the lowest in the OECD, only 9% of our companies deliver CSR or impact investments. Anne believes, “This is greatly due to the lack of resources for due diligence and the governance on funding. Many corporate companies would definitely have the appetite to support great work in NZ, but lack trust and resources. The consequence to this to this is the lack of funding for the fantastic work done by Sir Richard Faull and his Centre for Brain Research at Auckland University. Sir Richard spends over 70% of his time raising funds – away from his skill base in global development of Huntington’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.” Anne was determined to deliver a corporate audience of CEOs to Sir Richard – and to do that, Anne identified that she had to deliver what the CEOs wanted and partnered with Business Chamber to deliver.

Global Cognitive Programmes
Anne sourced and funds the Feuerstein programme to NZ – delivering to 183,000 children in NZ – Israeli Mediated Teaching programme, funded and trained 1400 teachers nationwide, directly benefiting 126,000+ children : www.nzfeuerstein.org. Gaze Foundation funded over $500,000 in delivering knowledge of this programme to all schools and families in NZ.

Anne sourced and funded Arrowsmith programme into 6 schools in NZ – currently delivered into 6 schools, 70 children pa, partnering with the Friedlander Foundation to deliver into our low decile schools. “This programme replaces the school curriculum with full-day ‘cognitive lessons’ but has no research, is for-profit and costs $17,000+ pa per child.”  This lack of educational equity was the motivation to Anne to search the globe for a cognitive intervention that did have research, was scalable and affordable to all our children. In the absence of any found internationally, Anne decided to develop NZ’s own – MovinCog.com

NZ Intensive Revision Workshops
Anne identified a huge need in failing students and founded the nationwide Intensive Revision Workshops for NCEA, IB and Cambridge students in external exams years – 49,000 students are annually supported, 183,000 have benefited in the past 5 years from this intervention. “Where a child is born is one of the most significant factors in determining his/her educational prospects. One in five students leave without NCEA L2 (a basic indicator of achievement) and children from low-income households are half as likely to achieve University Entrance as those from high income households.  The result is thousands of young New Zealanders confined to a life of unrealized potential.” Anne developed and delivers an ‘umbrella’ of safety for all New Zealand teenagers – intercepting academic anxiety at critical times and altering their pathway; she delivers to each child the tools for success. Anne’s belief:
Beyond failure lies an abundance of strength they never dared to dream about. They cannot reach these sources of success and strength because they don’t have the tools to overcome the obstacles. We hand them the tools.” Anne initiated this intervention in 2010 and delivered at $10 per day per student, from multiple host schools and technical institutions/unis throughout Auckland, Waikato and Northland. This pivotal support has transformed over 183,000+ students with 1,000+ tutors annually on 5:1 ratio, streamed classes for 2 solid days per subject revision, delivered in July and October holidays. “Most uni tutors are duxes, premier scholars and attending national and international universities. This programme delivers collateral benefit = harnesses our greatest educational resource – captive undergraduates who need work for their 3-5 year at uni, placing them where they of greatest value – in front of our children. 2017 October saw the first roll out of online support, removing the need for students to access host schools and avails all students nationwide of this support.” www.campuslink.nz

Go-Teach : Teacher support
Anne initiated, delivers and funds top undergraduates into school classrooms to plug the nationwide need for STEM teachers – benefiting 3,200+ students nationwide. “Many principals have advertised unsuccessfully for years for physics, bio, chemistry and math teachers. Project teams of undergraduates take on full-time teaching positions. To meet regulations, they are paid as teacher-aides and have a registered teacher at the back of the classroom marking work. The tutors attend all HOD meetings, staff and parent meetings, load all lesson feedback into Cloud for the next tutor to download and refresh before the next class. Feedback from schools and students – outstanding teaching, peer support, confidence, class attendances exceptional.”

NZ Brain Changer Conferences
Anne initiated delivers and funds these 2015-2018 nationwide conferences at universities of Auckland, Victoria, Canterbury and Otago.  Anne saw the need to inform parents and schools of the support options available to their learning disabled, gifted and normative children, attended annually by 24,000+ schools/parents nationwide. “The market is full of confusing claims of success, unchecked ‘evidence’; schools needed to hear from those teachers who were implementing – what did the programme look like in the classroom? How did it fit within the curriculum? These conferences are the answer – a portal to deliver information to all.”

KPMG Cost Analysis on Learning Supported Children in NZ
11,500 year-one students nationwide were assessed as Learning Disabled in 2018. Initiated and funded by Anne, KPMG tabled costs to schools/government over their 13 years these children are in the education system. “The cost of a learning supported child is 1.91 of normative (Cognition, 2009). Over the course of 13 years, this cost equates to half a billion dollars, but if we deliver a significant cognitive programme at years 1 and 2 and place these children to mainstream classes, never to need learning support again, this cost dilutes to just $38m. This analysis was necessary to present to those who do not ‘get’ the cost of our learning supported children – not just the emotional cost, the raw, financial cost. And this cost extends to Ministry of Corrections, Disabilities, Health, Education and the Commissioner for Children – the right of every child to an equitable education.”

2016-17 NZ Woman of the Year in Education 2018 Regional New Zealander of the Year 2018 UoA Sir Douglas Robb Honouree
Member of:
– Global Women
– YPO Young Presidents’ Org. Forum
– SheEO
– Philanthropy NZ
– Private Wealth Network

Anne is driving the paradigm change. One woman, one great passion for the right of every child to an empowered education.

“Anne is the Pheidippides you want in your life. Take her number and put it on speed dial. If ever you find yourself behind bars in Mexico with only one call allowed, do not phone your solicitor, or your parents. Phone Anne. She’ll get you out. This woman is phenomenal, always delivers.” 
– John Cameron, UK

David Gaze

Owner of Gaze Commercial

David is passionate about delivering a level playing field in education to all children, removing the barriers to success. David Gaze consistently funds the multiple Gaze Foundation and Campus Link projects delivering pivotal outcomes for our more vulnerable children – without this financial support, all projects would never have seen sunlight.

David Gaze is a former national cycling champion and owner of Gaze Commercial, the NZ leading property company. David’s passions extend from extracting land-mines in Europe in JV with The United Nations, to delivering workers’ accommodation for Christchurch.

Land Mine Removal – Europe
In Croatia alone, 1.1 million Croats live in mine-affected areas, plus large parts of Croatia have not been occupied for years. These deserted areas create an economic problem due to the lack of infrastructure development; 11,000 are internally displaced persons as a result of regional tensions. Because landmines prevent many of these people from returning to their homes, the economic and social stability of the country suffers.  Anne and David relocated to Europe with their children in 2000-2010, immediately identifying huge need in the Balkan area to clear mines. Once a war is over, Red Cross, WHO, UNESCO and United Nations moves in very quickly – they repair and re-open vital transport conduits – airports, major arterials and ports. Then they leave to the next ‘hot spot’. For over 20 years multiple villages remained totally uninhabitable. The consequences were that the young left, relocating usually out of the Croatia, Serbia for brighter futures, leaving the parents unable to relocate and living in temporary housing. What was needed were funds to remove the landlines and allow families to reoccupy their villages. David immediately entered into discussions with the United Nations and they quickly partnered to deliver his answer – removal of the mines via Corporate Social Responsibility funding, typically from the United States and global Fortune 500 companies. David’s model is to deliver portional ownership of the villages to the CSR partner – typically when a Microsoft, or equal, delivers funds, it is written off on their books as a charitable donation. But the huge funds needed and to attract the attention of CSR funding, a different model was needed. David offered portional ownership – the villagers released full ownership rights in return for CSR funding – David to utilize these funds to eradicate mines, rebuild schools, churches, medical centres and homes and deliver back to the villagers. The villagers no longer would have full ownership, but ability to occupy – they could have their village back. Only the village youths to be employed in the reconstruction (long left but called ‘home’), this to encourage the young to return and to up-skill them in the construction industry = collateral benefit. There are only two de-mining companies in the globe and once they had de-mined (to the guarantee of 99.8%), reconstruction is ready. The upside for the likes of corporates such as Microsoft is that they now could part-own the likes of, say, the Sarajevo Ski Fields.  The cost of de-mining will never evidence a return over the upcoming century as to de-mine, say, 1 sqm of land, it is at a cost of, say US$50 psm. But, once the land is de-mined, land in the area is still only worth US$5.00 psm – it will take decades before any value is ever seen on a corporate’s asset sheet, but in 100 years time, there might be. And the collateral benefit is that the villagers re-occupy their villages and future generations are reared there.

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