What is Brain Changer?

How it all works

The Brain Changer and Gaze Foundation are a national charity taking action to change the lives of children and adults with Learning Difficulties.

We want a world where barriers are removed for people with Learning Difficulties. We want a world where there is access to support available; where informed decisions are made; robust reviews of fee-based programmes are readily available.

  • Offering help and support direct to individuals, parents, schools, students
  • Empowering others so they can support individuals with learning disorders
  • Influencing change to help individuals with learning disorders

Learning Difficulties are usually hidden disabilities – circa +20% of New Zealanders have a learning disability. Having a learning disability has no bearing on intelligence but causes difficulties with core academic – reading, writing, spelling and math.

But the collateral impact is huge – it is much more than just a difficulty with learning, impacting on an individual in many ways – including organization, memory, confidence and socializing. The social impact is extensive. If someone cannot learn to read and write effectively, he/she cannot read to learn – everything attempted at school and throughout life requires skills to be able to access written information. There is never a level-playing field for these children.

​The barriers a Learning Disorder presents damage self-esteem – this can be brutal and life-long. But with effective support, Learning Difficulties need not be a barrier to education, employment and fulfillment.

The Brain Changer and Gaze Foundation exist to ensure all those affected by such hidden disabilities receive the support and information they need to make informed decisions, to provide a conduit to others experiencing the same journey.

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