Subject Choice Resources

Recommended School Subjects for Tertiary Study

Canterbury University

Recommends the school subjects needed for major subjects at Canterbury University. For all subjects and qualifications students need to be competent in the use and understanding of written and spoken English. Subjects such as English, Classics, History, Geography or Economics are useful in learning these key skills.

Click here for Canterbury University’s recommendations.

Otago University

This link lists the major subjects offered by Otago University, and recommended school subjects which students should take to prepare themselves for their tertiary studies.

Click here for Otago University’s recommendations.

University of Auckland

Subject Guide for school students shows the Year 13 subjects at school which can be useful preparation for University of Auckland degree programmes. It is important to differentiate between required subjects – those that are needed to gain entry to a degree – and preparation subjects – those that are useful but not required to gain entry to a degree.

Click here for the University of Auckland’s recommendations.

Victoria University

A guide to school subjects which are useful preparation for undergraduate degrees at Victoria University Wellington.

Click here for Victoria University’s recommendations.

Massey University

Massey University recommends background and essential subjects.

Click here for Massey University’s recommendations.

Waikato University

Waikato University lists recommended and essential subjects.

Click here Waikato University’s recommendations.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Click here for AUT’s recommendations.

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