Nationwide Intensive Revision Programmes

2010 – Present
Anne identified a huge need in failing students and set up nationwide Intensive Revision workshops for NCEA, IB and Cambridge students in external exams years.

Anne developed and delivers an ‘umbrella’ of safety for all New Zealand teenagers – intercepting academic anxiety at critical times and altering their pathway; she delivers to each child the tools for success.

Anne initiated this intervention in 2010 and delivered at $10 per day per student, from multiple host sites (schools and technical institutions/unis) throughout Auckland, Waikato and Northland. This pivotal support has transformed over 86,000+ students with 1,000+ tutors annually on 5:1 ratio, streamed classes for 2 solid days per subject revision, delivered in July and October holidays. Most uni tutors are duxes, premier scholars and attending national and international universities. This programme delivers collateral benefit = harnesses our greatest educational resource – captive undergraduates who need work for their 3-5 year at uni, placing them where they of greatest value – in front of our children. 2017 October saw the first roll out of online support, removing the need for students to access host schools and avails all students nationwide of this support.

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