University of Auckland, Centre for Brain Research’s Cognitive Programme

2014 – Present
Anne established and Gaze Foundation funds the Centre for Brain Research, UoA’s cognitive programme.

Anne funded Dr David Moreau, Princeton University, to head and develop a significant, cognitive intervention programme for our high-spectrum-need students (ADD, dyslexia etc). Working under the guidance of Eminent Prof. (Sir) Richard Faull, this programme will be delivered nationwide, free to all NZ 800,000 school children. This programme is currently partnering with 40+ schools, 1,000+ students in research to develop and execute this ground-breaking programme. Children are fMRI scanned before, during and exiting cognitive tasks that alter neurons and regenerate cells, increasing IQ.

This Centre for Brain Research’s programme permanently increases in cognitive functions of all children and a global first with published works and peer reviews; to be available to all schools nationwide free-of-charge, is a direct Gaze response, of ‘we can do it ourselves’ to fight up against those making significant profits on the back of our most vulnerable children, schools and families. The global cognitive programme arena is a $5b+ pa for-profit industry, is totally unregulated and is fraught with fraudulent claims. So many programmes are not evidence-based, most claiming transformational cognitive benefits that cannot be easily challenged and are not financially accessible to our most marginalized – we (NZ through Anne) are designing and delivering our own – heavily researched and at no cost.

Anne is delivering Science and Medicine to Education. Learn more about the MovinCog project

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