Cognitive Programme Audits

Over the past years, many ‘cognitive’ programmes have surfaced throughout the globe; the commercial owners of these programmes market to vulnerable families and schools. $176m is taken out of NZ’s economy each year to purchase these programmes. Most programmes are without scientific evidence. Teachers and parents are time-poor and have very little resources to identify costs, implementation models, how a programme looks in a school, measurements and outcomes. Many simply purchase a programme, to 'tick the box' when under pressure to deliver an intervention that 'might work', that might be the 'cure'.

Auckland University’s Centre for Brain Research has audited this work, for you all. This is your bible. If the CBR cannot source robust research, find no peer reviews or published works, don’t part with funds. Anecdotal evidence is no justification to part with the investment of time and funds, especially when we are dealing with the lives and outcomes for our children.
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