Childcare Subsidy

What Childcare Subsidy is for, if you can get it, how much you could get and when, and how to apply.

What Childcare Subsidy is for

Childcare Subsidy is a weekly payment that helps your family with the cost of pre-school childcare. Childcare Subsidy is paid directly to the pre-school facility the child attends.

Who can get Childcare Subsidy

To get Childcare Subsidy you usually have to be:

The child must be:

  • under five years old – or under six if you get a child disability allowance
  • attending an early childhood programme for three or more hours a week.

Childcare Subsidy is normally paid for up to nine hours of childcare a week. In some situations you may be able to get up to 50 hours a week.

If you are claiming 20 hours Early Childhood Education you can’t get Childcare Subsidy for those hours.

Complete the What you can get online tool to find out if you could get Childcare Subsidy. This tool will also tell you what other help you may be able to get.

How much Childcare Subsidy you can get

Go to Childcare Subsidy on the Work and Income website for more information on current rates.

How to apply for Childcare Subsidy

You will be provided with a Childcare and OSCAR Subsidy form to download at the end of Apply Online.

Your childcare provider will need to fill out part of the form.

Go to Childcare Subsidy on the Work and Income website for more information.

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