Partners and Student Finance

What you need to do to help your partner get their student finance.

A partner can be your partner in marriage, civil union or a de facto relationship.

For Student Allowance, both you and your partner must be 24 or over, or at least one of you must support a child. If not, we consider the applicant single.

We will usually need some information from you if:

  • your partner is applying for Student Allowance
  • your partner is applying for Jobseeker Support Student Hardship
  • you are getting a benefit.

Student Allowance

When your partner applies for their student allowance, you need to tell us your income and other circumstances.

Your income for Student Allowance

All income you and your partner receive is used to calculate the student allowance your partner could get. This is more than just taxable income and includes, for example, money from businesses and trusts.

Your income may effect how much your partner could get. We usually need you to provide evidence for this income.

Go to the income page for a full list of what we consider your income.

How to tell us your income and other circumstances

You need to tell us your circumstances by sending us:

  • a completed partner’s form
  • evidence of your income.

You also need to send us the documents we need to support your partner’s application:

  • your birth certificate or passport – to show your date of birth
  • your passport or citizenship papers – to show your residency status
  • your marriage certificate or deed poll papers – if you’ve changed your name
  • a pre-printed letter or notice from Inland Revenue – to show your IR number.
  • In some situations, we may need more information.

    Go to the partner’s form.

    Go to Documents supporting your application page to find out about verifying copies of original documents and submitting your documents online through New Zealand Post’s service, Connect.

    Your income or other circumstances change

    Your partner must tell us about any changes in your income, where you live, and other circumstances.

    The quickest and easiest way to tell us about changes is through your partner’s MyStudyLink account.

    Go to the Student Allowance obligations page to find out more about changes in your circumstances.

    You and your partner are studying

    If both you and your partner are studying, you may both be able to get a student allowance.

    Go to the How much Student Allowance you could get page to find out about how your partner’s income affects your student allowance.

    If you want to discuss your partner’s application with StudyLink

    If you want to be able to discuss your partner’s student allowance with us, you and your partner need to send us a completed appointment of agent form.

    We can’t give you any information about your partner’s student allowance or student loan if they have not approved you as their agent.

    Jobseeker Support Student Hardship

    If you are included in your partner’s application for Jobseeker Support Student Hardship, you also need to look for work.

    You may be able to get an exemption depending on your circumstances.

    Go to the Jobseeker Support Student Hardship page for more information and a form.

    You are getting a benefit

    If your partner gets a student allowance you won’t be able to get a benefit.

    It’s important you talk to Work and Income.

    Go to the Applicants page for more information.

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