Scholarships, grants and awards could help fund your study and are offered by many organisations for a wide range of courses.

There are scholarships for school-leavers, people starting a tertiary course and people already doing a course.

Scholarships are not just for people with top grades. Some scholarships are based on your region, needs, academic abilities, cultural background, community involvement, historical events, future plans or subject areas.

Find out about scholarships and grants you could get from:

  • your careers advisor
  • your education provider
  • Universities New Zealand
  • Careers New Zealand
  • professional bodies like Federated Farmers for agriculture, the Institute of Chartered Accountants for accountancy and Teach New Zealand for teaching
  • cultural groups
  • community groups like Lions, Rotary and Jaycees
  • local councils

Scholarship databases

givME is Generosity New Zealand’s searchable database of New Zealand scholarships, awards and grants. BreakOut charges for this service, but also offers its service for free at public libraries and elsewhere.

Go to the Generosity NZ website to see where you can use this service for free.

If you receive a scholarship you need to let StudyLink know.

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