Aotearoa Cultural & Volunteer Exchange

Aotearoa Cultural & Volunteer Exchange (ACVE)

Our Vision

Aotearoa Cultural & Volunteer Exchange’s vision is to help create a global community of inspiring young people committed to working together regardless of age, social background, culture and nationality, who are passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world.

Our Mission

To inspire young people to make a positive difference to their lives by facilitating their participation in a challenging international volunteer exchange programme in partnership with non-governmental organisations, community, environmental, educational and social development projects around the world.

Our Values

ACVE international volunteers are open to learning about how other people live. They understand that others live with different opportunities, different levels of support and different challenges. Compassion opens the door to a greater appreciation of different value systems and respect for cultural diversity.

ACVE international volunteers are not afraid to challenge their personal limits. To live and work in a completely different cultural environment requires courage, inner strength, and the tenacity to keep going, solve problems and communicate effectively – these are real leadership qualities.

ACVE international volunteers are energetic, inquisitive and want to learn from the world around them. Whether learning about different people, countries, landscapes, wildlife, cultures or history, our volunteers get out there. Exploration, adventure and wanderlust broaden personal horizons and helps define future life choices and career paths.
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