Nannies Abroad

Nannies Abroad

Do you want to travel the world, living and working in other countries while caring for children?

We can help you do just that, safely and with all of the hassles taken care of.

Nannies Abroad is an NZ based International Nanny Placement Agency specialising in finding nannies fabulous jobs around the world. It was set up in 1994 based on the experiences of its Managing Director, Vicki Kenny.

“I was a nanny in London for three years from 1991–1993 and quickly became the go-to person for other families wanting nannies (placing all my friends in jobs) – but with a difference – I could see it from the nanny perspective – not just from the families point of view. So I came back to NZ and started Nannies Abroad to help young Kiwis get fabulous Nanny jobs with all the support needed for the first time overseas – including a safe and screened family – which is so important. I’ve been helping New Zealand nannies and au pairs get amazing positions in the UK, Canada, Europe and USA ever since. I love hearing from our kiwis in jobs overseas – having a fantastic O.E.”
– Managing Director Vicki Kenny
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